How can you prevent sport injuries? Brady Schiefert

How can people stop getting hurt in sports?

Some ways you can get hurt from sports is not wearing protective gear such as knee pads,and helmets which will protect you when colliding with others and getting cuts and concussion. Also to help prevent getting hurt you could warm up before you play to help wake up your muscles so you don't make a sudden moment and tear a muscle.

The helmet up on top is a football helmet where every year 135,000 concussions come from playing football. . And the knee pads on the bottom is something that would help prevent falling and cutting your knee open or burning it.

Some ways you can not get hurt is having the right diet. Such as getting enough protien is what your muscles need to function like it should. Another important thing in the food group is to have a lot of milk,water, and anything in the dairy group because you need calcium to help grow your bones. That way when you play sports and you say hurt your arm there is a likley chance that it will not be broken if get in a lot of calcium depending on the situation.

My name is Brady schiefert and my genius hour question Is how to prevent sports injuries. A couple of things that I learned is that concussions happen from a slight movement of the head. And that an estimate of 4,000,000 people get a concussion each year just by playing sports.

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