The Devine

When I entered the Reitz union, it was nothing special, I had been there many times before. However I had never been into the theater itself. Upon walking in the gallery was nice. There were some pictures of important people and a piece of art. When I walked into the theater, it was about what I expected. It was a nice theater and the seating was pretty comfortable. I was seated close to the front, so I had a good view. I have been in situations where the lights dim in the movie theater, so it was nothing special. Everyone including myself became quiet very quickly though. Your "place" is very important in the good life. It is where you make memories, it is where you live, it is where you go to school, and place is where you develop your character. It is very important to enjoy your surroundings and make the most of them.

I went alone to this play. The people that I did see were friendly enough, so the strangers there did not effect my experience. I got ready for the performance by putting on a collard shirt and pants. Shared experiences in the good life are critical. People can work together to educate others, understand each other, and work to create change. The idea of educating others could be seen in the play on two levels. One was the play itself demonstrating many societal problems, one of which was the rich versus poor scenario. The other was the play itself referenced how important the theater is in informing others about contemporary issues in the world. These and many other shared experiences are important for these reasons. The talk back was shared experience. A couple of people gave their opinion and ideas of the messages of the play and this was important to hear. You get an idea of if you all were on the same page as a group or not, and if not why not. I heard a couple of things from others that I would not have thought of, and this is another important feature of shared experiences. They can teach you things you would not have learned on your own.

The performance for me really showed how lucky we are to have the labor laws and technological improvements that we have in the modern day. I could not imagine having to raise a family in those times. One of the main issues in the play was corruptness and lack of compassion in society. Another issue was doing what is right. From history of course, I knew times were rough for these people, but very rarely do you actually have a chance to see the issues portrayed in person. The performance really brought it home that society was merciless back then, and very tough to make a living and survive in. As for the issues for me, it only further clarified sometimes one must do what is right, and other times in the interest of their own families and lives, must sacrifice doing what is right. It also made it very clear reform of society was needed and it did indeed come. The issues still apply today, especially since poverty will always be a problem. We have a lot of laws and programs that help the poor currently, but it still exists and perhaps society could be more compassionate at times for their struggles.

The play allows for Katharsis by making us consider family, human nature, and some societal problems such as poverty and lawlessness. The play really allows us to see the importance of family. The mother in the play works in a factory no person should have to work to provide for her family. Her son also works there for the same reason, and to be with his mother. She loves her family, but when she watches her son die, she calls on her oldest son to make a sacrifice on behalf of the church to get a proper funeral for his brother and a guaranteed good life for them. He agrees to do this. All of these actions show the importance of family, and that to love ones family is extremely important. The play also addresses human nature, mostly ignorance and greed. It portrays the Greed of a shop owner by refusing to consider the well being of his workers in the interests of profit. It also shows a rich man who was completely unaware how tough life can be in poverty. He had never seen it or experienced it himself, and this is why he did not know. It also showed the ignorance of the Catholic church in being so obsesses with only wanting to protect its reputation. It gave no regard for how the main character was affected by these actions. And finally, society could be tough to live in. Much less laws existed to protect the well being of the people and poverty could be very widespread. Poverty got you very poor working conditions, and almost no help existed for these people back then. So when all of these ideas are assessed we should feel lucky to be in the position many of us are in today.


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