Prostart Term 2 Nicole beutler per b2

knife cuts

Diagonal, bruniose, mince

Kitchen Equipment

found on ($199.00)

3 Labs

Steak fajitas: allowed us to master our cutting skills. To cook meat to an appropriate temperature.

Salsa competition: Taught us the importance of understanding the ingredients in a recipe. The importance of trying out a recipe before you try it out on others.

Poached pear: taught us how to properly cook a pear. Also how a small thing can easily be packed with flavor.

Created By
nicole beutler


Created with images by John-Morgan - "Kitchen Aid" • stevendepolo - "Shrimp Beef Chicken Fajita Cinco de Mayo Restaurant June 08, 20103" • y6y6y6 - "Salsa" • Infrogmation - "Poached Pears 1"

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