Phonies on the Phone Colin Hilger

You wanna know what really gets me? Telemarketers, those phonies really get me sometimes. I'll be expecting a call from one of my old pals and it's another goddamn telemarketer, that really kills me when I pick up the phone and it's one of those phonies. For chrissake don'tcha have anything better to do than get on the old telephone and call around tryin' to sell a bunch of junk. I oughta hang up on those phonies right when they start jabbing but they always get me talking and that really kills me. It kills me when I know I don't want any of that junk but they just keep talking and talking about nothin' good. What a bunch of phonies, they call you up talking all nice tryin' to really get ya into what they got but it's all a lie. They're just a bunch of lyin phonies tryin' to get your money and that really gets me. Those bastards really kill me, they really do, I don't like them one bit. I just about get more calls from those phonies than I do from the people I actually wanna shoot the bull with and it kills me. The worst part of all is they dont listen to you one bit, not one bit at all. The same place will call ya 15 times even when you say no each time or ask them to stop calling as polite as you can be. For chrissake you wanna talk about persistence you oughta look at one of them that's for sure, they really are persistent those telemarketers. I just really can't stand them, not one bit. It's just that I really can't stand phonies and to be one of them you gotta be a real phony, you just do. I understand it's their job but it just really gets me. No matter what they say to you about how it will help you with this or that or you need it to do this it's just a great big lie. When I want to use use the phone it's to shoot the bull with an old pal not to listen to some phony jab about getting me to buy something, they just really get me those telemarketers.

Created By
Colin Hilger


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