The Titanic by:ellie borden

"Merediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith! her mum called her.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Meredith screamed.

"Come down stairs it's time to go." mum shouted .

"OK I am coming!" Meredith said. "I am so exited to go on the Titanic, are you mum?"

"Yes, I am really exited too!"

So they got to the Titanic and there was a nice man who gave them there tickets. They were staying on the 1st class floor. So off they went to aboard the ship. When they got on the ship they went to go find there loo. There rooms were very nice, they started unpacking then went to the nice restaurant on there floor. To get to the restaurant they used the lift. Meredith's mum got potato crisp and Meredith got skimmed milk,

Its been 3 days of them being on the titanic and that night they were about to go to bed but suddenly there was a big BANG. Meredith screamed her and her mum went up to the deck and they heard what happend and they heard that the titanic hit an ice berg and was about to sink she thought that was Bollocks.So they went back up to there room and got a lot of blankets. They went back up to the deck and went on a life boat as they were paddling away Meredith saw the titanic sink.

so that was the story of the tianic


Created with images by funnytools - "giant downfall pleasure boat" • manolofranco - "milk high speed photo" • NOAA Photo Library - "fish8813" • JDmcginley - "sunrise ocean sea"

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