The Train Ride. By: Yousif Altatooz

"We've arrived" to Washington Dc Tee. Let's go shopping then come back and vote for the election to be new president of the united states of America. After me and mom got back we took a cab to the Whitehouse and vote and see who won. When they counted the votes Donald Trump won,I screamed NOOOO! So me and mom got home packed our bags and left to Canada and stayed their. One morning mom was watching the news she found out Donald trump made hackers hack for him to change the vote so the government kicked him out of the elation so me and mom packed again and left Canada and went back home and we got our house back and all the stuff in it and I threw my self on my bed and slept in and dreamed happily. Then the next morning I woke up and my mom was watching the news the government decided that you can make weird hackers hack for you so he can start ww3 so Donald trump is back. "Again screamed Nooooo ". The next morning my mom sold the house and we moved back to Canada and stayed their. The next morning I woke up my mom was crying "so I told her to stop crying because people in this house are trying to sleep!". Finally we stayed in Canada for 1 year and go back to America and live the life again. THE END!

<Donald Trump Won>!!!!!
The End Of This Story!


Created with images by werner22brigitte - "locomotive steam locomotive train" • Ninian Reid - "No question about it - the world is warming to Donald Trump" • geralt - "town sign place name sign final"

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