The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) The cold war

This paticlure conflict took place in Cuba on October 22, 1962

The individuals involved were Kennedy (The US), Nikita Khrushchev (The Soviet Union(USSR), and Fidel Castro (Cuba).

What caused this conflict was a confrontation between the US and the USSR he first reason is that Cuba was abou

What caused this conflict was a confrontation between the US and the USSR this made the U.S. very nervous because if Cuba wanted to launch a nuclear arm at the U.S. they would have no time to react to the threat. Another reason is that The Soviet Union was planning to deliver these nuclear arms to Cuba and establish a base there. This greatly worried the U.S. because The USSR was the United States greatest enemy at the time.

In Cuba it is currently still communist

The Cuba Misile Crisis was a hot spot because it could of been the event that started a nuclear war but in the end it didn't an it was a case where it didn't really increase or decreases tension but let each side gain fair and met at middle ground.

The foreign policy agreement that went with The Cuban Missel Crisis event was d├ętente because it eased tension and limited the weapons pointed at both countries (US & Soviet Union)

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