Coach Development Newsletters BEST OF February 2020

The Coach Development Department strives to accomplish it's three continuous goals: Promote the Rush Way, Provide top quality learning content to our coaches, and develop career pathways within our Rush Soccer Coaches Pyramid.

February has been a wonderful month full of webinars, blog posts, and exciting projects. Below, what we think you can't miss.

The Rush Coach Development proudly announces its new partnership with The Coaches' Voice, free for all of our Rush clubs.

Watch Masterclasses from Xabi Alonso, Paul Clement, or Jose Mourinho. Read interviews from Diego Simeone, or take courses from England U21 Coach Michael Johnson. Find these, and a lot more.

Rush Coaches also access an incredible discount if they want a personal subscription.

Learn more here, and/or request your free club user or individual subscription discount by emailing coachdevelopment@rushsoccer.com.

RUSH SOCCER BLOG: The RSB offers an open, informal space for all of our Rush coaches to share information and opinions and learn from each other. An invaluable opportunity to get from being a part of this great club.

The Rush Coaches Blog has published a series of very interesting articles.

We strongly recommend the article 'What I learnt at the Conference “Don’t Play Games With Soccer” – By Pablo Toledo', in which the author shares with all of us a series of remarkable "coffee talks" with world renowned soccer professionals from the Cesar Luis Menotti Coaching School, Fernando "El Profe" Signorini, and Ruben Rossi during the context of a coaching education conference in Merida, Mexico.

Visit Rush Soccer Blog to learn more about this and many more.

WEBINAR SERIES: Chris P., our Developmental Director, has brought many world renowned professionals to his Webinar Series, including Robin Russell and Ian Barker in the month of February.

The Coach Development YouTube Channel stores all of Chris' webinars for our coaches to review anytime. Brilliant presentations from Robin Russell and Ian Barker (USC's Coaching Education Director) are highlights of February.

Watch these and all of Chris P', Developmental & Competitive Webinars in our Rush Coach Development Youtube channel

CAREERS PAGE: As stated in our mission, one of the main objectives of the Coach Development Department is to contribute in developing career pathways for our coaches. Therefore, we have released a careers page in which opportunities from our network as well as external will be posted and shared with all of you on a regular basis.

COACH DEVELOPMENT AT PDT: Passion and Purpose were on display by Rush Select at the President’s Day Tournament these past few days. Boys and Girls Select teams in the ‘04, ‘03, and ‘02 birth years traveled from around the country to the tournament in Phoenix, Arizona to compete.

Rush Select and this tournament are also an amazing opportunity for our coaches to learn more about the Rush Way and meet many of the highest potential coaches of our club nationwide.

The Coach Development Department covered flight and accommodation for the 6 current participants of our yearly Mentors Program, led by Chris P., which identifies high potential coaches with a strong desire to develop in their careers and within the Rush Network.


The Rush Coach Development Team is excited about its new website.

The RCD website reflects in a friendly and straight forward way the objectives that the department pursues. A combination of online programs available for all as well as Elite Programs for high potential coaches identified and other coaches determined to make it to the next step in their careers.

The 2020 special projects of the RCD are to release a Rush Way Podcast, develop the Rush Way Coaching Curriculum by Age Group, and announce an exclusive partnership with the Menotti Coaching School from Argentina.