MCA Tips By: Ella Hansen

If you get nervous before the MCA tests here are some tips to help you!

1. GET SLEEP!! You'll never be able to focus like you should and do your 100% best without enough sleep.

2. Study, Study, Study! Make sure you're studying at least a week prior to your big test to make sure you have time to review everything and refresh your brain.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast, without the proper nutrition your brain can't function to IRS fullest potential.

4. Ask questions. If you don't understand something you should most definitely talk to a teacher or parent to know that you will understand that material when it pops up on your MCA.

5. Here's a trick! Chew some gum if you're able to. Studies have shown that if you chew gum when you're studying and then chew that same flavor of gum when you take your test, your brain remembers more from studying.

6. Move ahead... if you're stuck on a question and your test allows you to go back to previous questions flag or mark it and move forward. Don't stress out about it too much.

7. Think positive! If you have negative thoughts about your test your brain will just keep thinking that.

8. Remember the tests will help you in the long run! Teachers don't just do have you take tests because they want to torture us... we take them because they will help us get into better classes in upcoming years and a good college.

9. Don't pressure yourself. Don't pressure yourself into getting a perfect grade. Do your best and make sure you try, you can't always be perfect.

10. Finally last read everything through. If you don't read everything at least 2 times you might miss something very important in the test.


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