COOL FISH Many fish species have taste buds on their fins faces and tails.That is a fish.

Life Underwater

The sea horse dressed in a leafy camouflage the sea horse is a dragon.But it is not the imaginary dragon you read about in fairy tales.

Dangerous Charge

An electric Eel's charge can knock down a horse with his/her electric socket.Hiding in the amazon riverbed on eel stuns a small fish with his/her electric pulse.

It's Classified

Fish are clod blooded like this old fish that was 3/4 foot long that lived underwater. There are almost 30,00 know species of fish. As vertebrates that have backbone.

Fish Family

This diver is holding a small octopus. A third group Agnatha includes ancient fish. Fish are part of the animal kingdom.

Bony Fish

Scientists estimate that there are more than 28,00 bony fish. Bone and cartilage form a bony fish skull jaw backbone and ribs. The fish breathes by passing water though it gills

Sharks and Rays

Sharks and rays have nostrils though not for breathing. To breathe sharks and rays open and clothes their mouths to pump water into their gills. Many rays move forward by ripping their flexible fins.


A moray eel is a very dangers fish.They belong to the order Anguilliformes and type of a bony fish.There are 800 species of eels around the world.

Not Real

This fish need to come above water to get oxygen. They would drown just like humans if stay underwater for long because it is not a real are clod blooded and have two chambered hearts.


Created with images by malfet_ - "Red fish" • arhnue - "seahorse sea-horse yellow" • Elias Levy - "Morey Eel" • Dallas Krentzel - "Dimetrodon grandis at the Evolving Planet exhibit at the Field Museum" • tpsdave - "diver octopus grasping" • Christian Gloor (mostly) underwater photographer - "U-turn" • City.and.Color - "Manta Ray" • Elias Levy - "Morey Eel" • Jay Tamboli - "Fish"

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