Universal Health Care "Tranquility is found also in dungeons; but is that enough to make them desirable places to live in?"

By Madeline Ellis

The founding documents of the United States provide support for a right to health care for its citizens. A right to health care can save lives. However, it would increase US debt and deficit and it could raise taxes. Rousseau would want universal healthcare to be available to everyone as it can help save lives and he believes that no person has a natural authority over another. All people are equal.

Rousseau rejected the principle that one person has a natural authority over others.

“Finally, each man, in giving himself to all, gives himself to nobody; and as there is no associate over which he does not require the same right as he yields others over himself, he gains an equivalent for everything he loses, and an increase of force for the preservation of what he has.”

What Rousseau means when he says that no man has natural authority over another is that every person is equal. There is no one who is above another. The only instance where that is true is when you are looking at the power a father has over his child, that is, until the child is old enough to take care of himself. Universal healthcare is a health care system that provides financial protection to all citizens of a country. This policy is a perfect example of equality, because it is helping every person be more healthy, no matter their financial state.

With everyone equal, everyone deserves the same amount of help from the government if needed. He writes,

“It will be said that the despot assures his subjects civil tranquility.”

This means that the despot, the ruler, should always make sure his subjects are at peace and happy. With the Universal Health Care System, all of the ruler’s subjects will be provided financial support if needed, thus making them happy and tranquil.

Rousseau’s ideas of equality and civil tranquility show that Universal Healthcare for citizens is a good choice.

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