Goo Be Gone Austin angell

I choose this project for many reasons. The main one being that this is a very real and common issue in the world today. There are so many oil spills that go on world wide that people don't know about. This topic will help me learn how they deal with these oil spills.
My hypothesis is, if I use a sponge to absorb the oil, the sponge will absorb a certain amount but not as much as it would absorb water because the oil is thicker.
Materials- newspaper, liquid measuring cup, 4 sorbents, Scissors, vegetable oil, water.
Fill a cup with 3/4 water and 1/4 vegetable oil. Place sorbents in the cup for 30 seconds then remove. Measure how much oil was extracted from the cup.
On average, each sorbent absorbed about 1/2 of the original oil and 1/4 of the original water that was in the cup.
My hypothesis was correct. The oil was very thick and the sorbents only absorbed s certain amount. Some of the possible flaws were the amount of sorbents used were not always exact. There was no specific amount to use. The next sequential experiment would bets king this process to a bigger environment with more water, oil, and sorbents.
The oil can represent our sins and the sorbents can represent Jesus, and we are the water. Jesus cleanses our sins as the sorbents cleanse the water.


Created with images by USFWS/Southeast - "Drilling and recovery at impact site" • Maven@China - "Oil Spill in Dalian" • XPRIZE Foundation - "Oil in Water" • Gorupka - "piece of graphic paper" • Ingrid Taylar - "San Francisco Oil Spill" • bradleygee - "miniature measuring cups" • Maven@China - "Oil Spill in Dalian" • skeeze - "oil rig explosion fire disaster"

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