GREEK MYTHOLOGY And Its Facts (they're pretty cool) BY: JJ Reynolds (2016)

Hi i´m going to tell you some fun facts about Greek mythology. One Greek allusion is Starbucks the mermaids are the ones that eat people and sing to lure them in. Goodyear tires´ logo is Hermes´ shoes with wings to show the tires are fast. another is a Herculean task. those are tasks that include strength and power. the last allusion is an odyssey. the car is called that because the odyssey was 10 years long. you'd want a car like that!

Zeus is the king of gods and is very powerful but the cyclops are more powerful than him! That's a bad thing! Zeus is pretty mean. He tortured one guy where a big bird that pecked at a guys liver every day and went away at night. That went on forever. Zeus was the only child that didn't get eaten by there father (Cronus) (and barfed back up.) he was replaced by a rock and they had this huge battle and now Zeus is the king of gods so you get how that fight turned out. Now who knows where Zeus is now. Hades the god of death has a wife named Persephone. she only stays with him in winter her mother is the goddess of harvest so when Persephone leaves her mother gets sad and that's what we call winter (we haven't seemed to have a good one yet either.) Hades has a three headed dog and is the brother of Zeus. Hades is the king down there so its probably pretty scary. Hades is another word for the devil so yeah he's bad

ZEUS the king of gods

My personal favorite hero the bold the strong the smart the mighty HERACLES! Heracles was the son of Zeus and was greatly strong but his stepmother Hera hated him very badly and she made him go crazy and he killed his family. his punishment was to serve a king that hated him. Hera told the king to give Heracles 12 impossible tasks. Heracles did them all and lived a good life but died because he was mortal which is pretty surprising considering he was so strong. Medusa's story started when she was the most beautiful woman in the land and she knew it she either bragged about herself and if she wasn't she was looking at her reflection. one day she was in Athena's temple and Medusa thought these statues were wasted on Athena when they should have been for Medusa. Athena was angered and made Medusa the thing we see today.

A story that I liked was Echo and Narcissus echo was a wood nymph that help Zeus to get away from Hera because Echo talked A LOT Hera got mad at the trick and made it so Echo could only say yes or no and the last words of someones sentence one day echo met Narcissus he only cared about himself all the wood nymphs thought he was attractive but he didn't like anyone but himself so they got rejected and that is what happend to Echo. She was so sad she started to fade away and only her voice remained and she is what we call an Echo.

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