The Harn Museum Brighton Hakimian

After first entering the gallery, my attention was immediately captured by this quite interesting yet untitled piece by John Chamberlain. This piece in particular is made out of aluminum foil, acrylic, lacquer, and polyresin. This eye catching, colorful ball of crushed metal actually used to be a crushed car and I believe that is exactly why I was drawn to it. Cars are one of the many reasons why I am alive today. My dad came to the United States from Iran when he was seventeen and eventually started a business buying, fixing up, and selling used and crashed cars. This business not only allowed my father to make a living for himself but he also sold a car to his future business partner, wife, and mother of his children. This work was so striking to me because it was already so much a part of my life and part of who I am today. This piece represented my family and how much work was put in to making it.
One work that evoked emotion from me was Soli Durer Gloria (1471-1971): Homage to Albrecht Durer by Karl-Heinz Hansen-Bahia. This woodcut print was a beautifully detailed piece that enraptured both the strength and beauty of horses from the strain on the bridle to the soft curves of its face. This piece instilled in me the feeling of love because love is an exchange and balance of power. Each person involved in some sort of relationship must give up some power in order to obtain power from their partner. In horseback riding, the horse and rider must work together as equals because one could not function without the other. If a rider tried to control the horse too much, the horse’s movements will become stiff, but if the rider has no control then they would be overpowered by the animal. A good rider must learn to guide the horse without restricting its movement. The same rule applies to all other relationships. The distribution of power must be equal for all to benefit.
The winding but centralized design of the art gallery represented our journey through our lives. We may wonder through some different times but we always come back to and rely on our home in the middle. And that home may not be a physical place but rather a set of ideals or beliefs or even a person or group of people. For me, my home has always been my family. I rely on them for support and I always have them to return to after wondering on my own for a while.
This work called Northeast Gorge at Appledore by Childe Hassam depicts the good life theme of celebrating the good life. The person in the painting is shown building himself rather than building society. He has surrounded himself with the beautiful sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the waters off of the island of Appledore. He may be using this time alone to meditate or pray or just be alone and contempt with himself. By doing this, he is bettering his mind, body, and soul all at once by not allowing himself to be dragged down and drowned in a stressful life without given time to decompress.

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