Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH BY Mohamad Okab

Introduction Page. While this was not my first time in a museum of natural history. My only disappointment was how small it was. Despite that, I still felt it was well designed museum, and the butterflies were amazing!

Nature on Display I have always enjoyed the symbolism of the butterfly- innocence, maturity, nature, etc. When I hear that there was an exhibit where I could a lot of butterflies in one setting, I had to go! When you are walking towards the exhibit, there is a trail of butterflies that make it seem like they are on a great migration. I thought it was quite creative, and it easily caught my attention. I was really interested in how a butterfly can balance itself on leaf and the physical mechanisms that a butterfly employs to fly. By physically seeing these two things, I was more interested and will better retain the information. The museum's main attraction to me was the butterfly exhibit. I just really liked the butterflies.
Art and Ethics I now feel more understanding of Leopold's words. After seeing, the fossil remains of this massive creature, I began to think more about conservation efforts. Unless you witness the environment first hand, it is very had to care. The museum in my opinion was limited in terms of what I saw. I greatly enjoyed the butterfly exhibit and this fossil structure. They made me more connected to the environment and more caring about its destruction. Other people, I think, shared similar thoughts based of what I heard and saw. By observing nature directly, we are more connected. The reason scientists care so much for the environment is because they are constantly in close proximity with the organisms they study. After the museum, I felt more connected to the natural environment around and a greater obligation to take care of it.
Nature and the Human Spirit. How does the Natural History museum help us step out of our ordinary lives? In the museum, in front of the butterfly exhibit, the owners put a collection of thousands of different types of butterflies. I had never seen thousands of different types one animal. Museums like this help us understand that we are not that special or even that unique. Museums like this help us to understand how beautiful nature is and why we should protect it. A life without the wonders of nature would a very boring existence.
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