Fužine Framed by Krix Berberian | Photo Marathon 2017 | Ljubljana

The photos were taken during FRAME Photo Marathon 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ljubljana joined other cities across Mediterranean: Beirut, Amman, Marseille and Batna. During Photo Marathon photographers each year take to the streets to simultaneously document 12 secret themes in 12 hours resulting in a collection of photos depicting one day in the life of five cities. Using the themes Krix created an awarded photo story you can find hereunder.

Hope - Espoir - Upanje - أمل

Many parents in Fužine hope their kids will not become the byproducts of Ljubljana’s allegedly most notorious neighborhood; hope thrust Radoslav Nesterović and many others, into stardom

Diversity - Diversité - Pestrost - تنوع

Fužine is an estate with a particularly heterogeneous ethnical structure. But being amongst the most spacious neighborhoods in Ljubljana, its free space encourages an active lifestyle and invites diversity.

Meeting point - Point de rencontre - Srečevališče - نقطة إلتقاء

Great stories rarely start with a lettuce crunch. During weekends, men gather around bottles of beer in Fužine’s public benches to hear tales of everyone’s day.

The mindful - L'attentif - Prisotni - المهتم \ مكترث

The cultivation of moment-by-moment awareness of their surrounding environment helped the residents of this neighborhood better cope with the challenging of everyday life. Men get together over the weekends to enjoy their favorite pastime in the public areas of Fužine.

The future - Le futur - Prihodnost - المستقبل

Fužine has an ethical structure where families look ahead towards expanding their roots. The area between Zaloška and Ljubljana stretches over 61 hectares and the official settlement of 385 inhabitants per hectare is the most densely populated area in Slovenia.

The proud - Le fier - Ponosni - الفخور

Regardless of their challenges, this couple is proud to share their love and care with a neighborhood that has kept them together.

The past - Le passé - Preteklost - الماضي

These two relics humbly facing one another in Fužine's parking lot. Their journeys, countless, their memories, plentiful.

Traditional architecture - Architecture traditionnelle - Tradicionalna arhitektura - الهندسة المعمارية التقليدية

Designed in 1966 by Saša Mächtig, the K67 kiosk became a visual translation of avant-garde design and an indistinct part of Slovenia cityscape. The design quickly spread and took root in Yugoslavia, Macedonia, New Zealand, and Japan. A reminder of this iconic creation modestly sits in the Fuzine Park as a public installation.

The protector - Le protecteur - Zaščitnik - الحامي

People living in Fužine feel safe as being in any other part of Ljubljana. But still, many people walk with their dogs at night to help them feel secured and unconditionally loved.

Hardship - Épreuve - Stiska - عناء

Even though the society of this neighborhood dictates the necessity of togetherness, some occasionally end the nights with three of their loyal companions, a cigarette, a bottle of beer and loneliness.

Breaking bread - Rompre le pain / partager un repas - Sožitje / Lomimo si skupni kruh

Two colleagues enjoying a late traditional Serbian dish during their night shift. The setup is more than just an eating moment; it is sharing a sense of brotherhood which is common in the community.

Timeless - Intemporel - Brezčasen - سرمدي

Tradition is immune to time. A cook in a Serbian restaurant in Fužine’s, is effortlessly roasting peppers to prepare the traditional Serbian ajvar paste.

Krix Berberian's series won the international jury prize for Photo Marathon Ljubljana in 2017.

Photo Marathon is coordinated by FRAME (Beirut) and was in 2017 organised with the help of local organisations 15-38 Réseau Med (Marseille), Institute Apis (Ljubljana), Jordan Pioneers (Amman), and L'Etoile du Sud (Batna).

Courtesy: FRAME

Created By
APIS Institute


Krix Berberian

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