Thai Rolled Ice Cream By: Cassady copas and ale sayers

In case you were still wondering what in the world "rolled Ice cream" is, here's a video for you to watch how it is made. Or you can watch it cause lets be real, it's really satisfying.

Rolled ice cream, aka stir-fried ice cream, originated in Thailand. It is also popular in Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, where it is often sold by street vendors.

Street Vendors making Rolled Ice Cream

Two of the first areas rolled ice cream diffused to are New York City with 10Below Ice Cream, and Orange County, California with Rollin' Creamery.

10Below ice cream makers in action

10Below Ice Cream was established in 2015 by two brothers, who got the idea from a Facebook video of a friends trip to Thailand. This is the first known ice cream shop in the United States that sells Rolled Ice Cream.

Owners, Josh and Paulina Lackey, of Rollin' Creamery

Rollin Creamery was established in December 2016 by a couple who went on a trip Thailand as part of their honeymoon, in 2014, and loved the idea of rolled ice cream. When they came back they decided to quit their careers and open their first rolled ice cream shop in Orange County.

Since the openings of these shops, rolled ice cream has diffused to many big cities such as, LA, NYC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Chicago, and Austin. The type of diffusion this demonstrates is both stimulus and hierarchical diffusion.

This shows how hierarchical diffusion has occurred. The shops in NYC and Orange County became very popular and through social media the idea of rolled ice cream spread to many cities in Texas, Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada.

Facebook video sparking the idea for 10Below to be created

This shows how stimulus diffusion has occurred. The idea of Rolled ice cream was shared on facebook, and the idea was taken and brought into America.

This principle of Rolled ice cream has been a fun treat originating in Thailand that has (thankfully) come to America.

Created By
Ale Sayers And Cassady Copas

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