127 HOURS by aron ralston

Quote: to die, its easy... but you have to struggle for life Explanation: He could have not done anything and just died there but he had to struggle to survive.

Q:Is the main character dynamic? A: Yes He is maturing and he started being safer and telling people where he was going.

Q:What would i ask the author? A: I would ask him what was it like being stuck in a rock for 127 hours.

Q: Is the ending satisfying? A: Yes, He gets out and his future came true the he predicted (hallucinated).

Q: How did I experience the book? A: I was engaged immediately cause it was interesting right from the start. I felt Confused the first part of the book but the hallucinations started making sense towards the end.

Q: Describe the main character? A: He was hyper and full of energy and pushed himself to survive and get out of the canyon to safety.


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