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Leaving the mountain does not mean leaving Aiglon.

Karen Sandri Development & Alumni Relations Manager

You are a member of one of the world’s most interesting, influential and fun communities: Aiglon Alumni. What does that mean? The global Aiglon community is a wonderful thing. Whatever career you choose, you’ll find Aiglonians willing to meet up, help, and share their wisdom in every sector, from finance to film-making.

But there’s also something intangible about the experiences that Aiglonians share, from your first expedition to knowing how it feels when home is everywhere – and nowhere. It’s an invisible thread that keeps you connected, no matter where you are.

So don't be shy, attend a reunion and introduce yourself to people, make connections and expand your network. The Alumni Office is here to help, please contact us at alumni@aiglon.ch

“Wherever you go, you never really leave the mountain"

And life begins!

Whether you’re at university, embarking on an adventure or thinking about your career, our internship and mentoring programmes can help you get off to a flying start.

Internships are the perfect way to gain real-world experience and enhance your CV. Whether you’re looking for a holiday placement or something longer, Aiglon can help.

Applying is simple: send us an email or give us a call. We’ll discuss your skills, interests and preferred location, help you update your CV, and offer advice on how to communicate professionally. If we can find a suitable match with an Aiglon graduate who’s got an opportunity, we’ll put the two of you in touch – you can then take it from there.

And, of course, you can pay it forward. If you’re aware of internship opportunities within your company, let us know and we’ll keep you informed of suitable candidates.

If internships aren’t right for your situation, we may be able to help by putting you in touch with an Aiglon mentor: an experienced sounding board who you might meet regularly for a coffee and a chat, or someone you email with a specific question. Either way, having a mentor is a fantastic way to get insight and advice and to start building your network in your chosen sector.

So if you’re interested in mentoring or being mentored, just get in touch with us and we’ll use our Aiglon networks to see if we can find a match.

Building your network

Want to start your own business? Looking to raise your profile - or the profile of the organisations you support? Seeking investment? Whatever you want to do next, building an effective network is crucial.

Networking may be useful – but most of all it’s fun. Which is why we make it easy with Aiglon Life, our password-protected community site: www.aiglonlife.ch

Here, you can reconnect with old friends, meet new ones and make connections – locally or globally. The Business Directory can help promote your interests and causes, find opportunities and offer discounts to an exclusive audience of successful Aiglon alumni in sectors as diverse as hospitality and farming.

Get started by creating a detailed profile that lets your fellow alumni know what you are doing – we can’t wait to see where your community connections may lead you.

Of course, like all the best networks, the Aiglon community is real world as well as virtual. We’re in touch with thousands of alumni and may know the perfect contact for you – so let us know the kind of person you’re looking to meet. For example, we recently facilitated an introduction between two Aiglonians who went on tofound a successful business – and then hired an Aiglonian on to their staff. So, keep in touch – let us know what you’re up to and what you’re planning. You never know, we may know someone who can help!

As an Aiglon graduate, you are automatically a member of the Aiglon College Alumni Eagle Association (ACAEA), which promotes alumni interests globally, connecting and strengthening the bonds between alumni of different generations and countries.

Aiglon calling!

New York. Tokyo. Bogotá. And of course - Villars. The Aiglonian community loves to catch up in person - and you're invited!

Want to find out what the Class of 2019 are up to – or want to glimpse into your future by talking to the Class of 2015? Aiglon events, held around the world, are a great chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones – and you could also end up making that perfect business or career connection.

We organise a whole range of events – epic and intimate, on the mountain and around the world. Last year, Aiglonians returned to Villars for a threeday celebration of Aiglon’s 70th anniversary, attended informal drinks and meetups in Bogotá and London, and came together in New York to find out more abouthow the trade in illegal wildlife is being combated. Our community hosts events too: in 2019, David Rebak (Clairmont, 1965) treated Aiglonians to a behind-the-scenes visit to the magnificent Vancouver Aquarium and Tom Meadowcroft (Alpina, 1978) organised a tour of the Meadowcroft Winery in California.

And, of course, friends and family are welcome. So whatever your interests and wherever you are in the world – come and join us!

Keep in touch!

Alumni love to hear from alumni, so keep in touch and let us know where you are and what you are doing so we can share your news in Class Notes and invite you to local reunions.

We love to know what all our alumni are doing – and we know that you love to see what everyone else is up to! So whether you’re starting a new business, getting married, moving countries, or have achieved something special in your work or personal life, let us know.

We regularly feature alumni stories and profiles in our twice-a-month email newsletter, and you can also share your own news and updates with your Aiglon network via Aiglon Life, Instagram and our other social media channels. Plus, our beautiful magazine celebrating the global Aiglon community comes out twice a year.

Keeping in touch keeps you plugged into that wider Aiglon network, and all the benefits that brings. We can also help with essential documents you may need, such as your school transcript and certificate of attendance which prove that you’ve been a resident in Switzerland.

But, of course, we can’t stay in touch if we don’t know how to contact you! So remember to let us know if your details change: we won’t share them with anyone and we’ll only send you what you sign up for.

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Karen Sandri Development & Alumni Relations Manager