The Korean War

The Korean War

Korean women

5 facts

1.) nearly 2 million Korean and Chinese were killed in the war.

2.) The Korean War began on June 25, 1950,

3.) The Korean War was the first military action of the Cold War

4.) An estimated 86,300 Korean War veterans are women, making up 7%

5.) Many soldiers died of frostbite during the Korean War before ever reaching the battlefields.

5 facts

1.) The highest-ranking U.S. officer captured by North Korean troops was Major General William F. Dean

2.) The United States still keeps troops in South Korea in case North Korea ever attempts to invade again

3.) The Korean War did not receive as much media attention as WW II and the Vietnam War.

4.) The Korean War has been calledThe Forgotten War” and the “Unknown War.”

5.) There were 131 Medals of Honor awarded during the Korean War


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