THE FUTURE OF COMMUNICATION Gajanth, Mathav, Shanchayan, Zeyadh, Togashan, Toni


How has communication technology evolved and what would the future of communication be like in the next 20 years in all aspects of communication? At one point in time, the telegraph was used to send messages along great distances. In the present time, we use cell phones to communicate along great distances. Now thinking about the future, technological advances such as holograms could be used to make face to face contact with any person and make it feel like the person is actually there in proximity to you. Certain advances in current day communication technology will set in stone the way we communicate in the future.

Communication is a simple process of transferring/ Conveying information from one place to another.

Suggestion: We would look at current communication technologies and assess what further improvements they could make.

Step: Research about current communication technologies such as cellphones, laptops, and social networking and research about what new technology can be incorporated into them to enhance the communication process.

Suggestion: We would look at current technological breakthroughs and incorporate them into current communication technologies.

Step: Look at new technological developments such as holograms and how they can be used to communicate with others.


"Online multiplayer games typically encourage interaction between interaction is a strong motive not only for playing multiplayer games, but also for forming lasting social relationships with other gamers, Siitonen says." (University of Jyvaeskylae, 2007)

"A business will use technology to speed up communication or information flow among these parties. Technology presents businesses with various communication tools which include email, visual communication ”share point” , mobile phones, internet , just to mention but a few. It is up to the business owners to know how to utilize these technologies and improve their performance." (Ramey, 2012)

"The Internet will continue to play an increasing role in communication. Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) already plays a large role in several communication products and services. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to communicate with networks of people. With the rise of the Web, people now have a platform from which they can address the world." (Strickland, 2010)


Communication technology has been evolving rapidly in the last decay, starting from face to face communication to virtual communication. Our group would be able to tackle/predict how communication would be like in the future by analyzing the evolution of technology. As a group we will showcase communication in multiple environment setting such as business, education and workplace. By examining on the various way people communicate in each situation we should be able to predict how technology might evolve and how it will effect communication in the future. Adding on, our group will create a column chart to show the ups and downs of future communication. Through the use of concept videos, timeline of technologies, and animated bitstrips our group will be able to present and educate other on what it might be like to communicate with other in the future. Furthermore, it will also enable people to see how it might impact them in day-to-day interaction with others.


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