Raleigh Brewing Company Promotional Website Project | Winter, 2013

The homepage features a simple welcome message, establishing the Raleigh Brewing Company brand for visitors.
This section provides some background on the company and information about its products.
In addition to creating the site itself, my project group was also tasked with writing and editing a short article/blurb about the company. The blurb focuses on a new holiday brew offering to attract a younger clientele.

Check out the video above which offers a behind the scenes look at Raleigh Brewing Company and was filmed as a part of this project.

The next few photos are murals of Raleigh Brewing Company's products, located at the organization. Photos were taken by my colleagues and were later edited by me and featured on our project site. This is Blatherskite Scottish Ale...
...this is City of Blokes Bitter...
...and this is Hell Yes Ma’am Belgian Golden Ale.
The final section of the site provides details on how visitors can find out more on Raleigh Brewing Company and interact with the organization.
Created By
Chris White

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