Difficulties with a Severe Concussion professional football player josh mccown and his story

McCown, age 33 hit the ground hard September 13th, 2015 immediately giving him a severe and career threatening head injury (concussion).

the starting QB for the browns could no longer stay in the game, his back up Manziel had to step in. Any blow to the head after his big hit could have potentially ended his life.

A concussion is define as a temporary unconsciousness due to a blow to the head. Basically saying McCrowns brain moved in some of the wrong ways when he was hit.

McCrown remembers being in a lot of pain and nauseous, not to mention the the dizziness. He says he may have even lost conscious but very soon gained it back.

With help from professional trainers, fans, and family support McCrown attending rehab for his head.

The NFL is already on top of lowering the concussion rates because it is only so high. every year football equipment that is issued must meet safety requirements for the players use.

Josh continues to receive starting time switching in the Manziel, after his relatively quick recovery which only lasted a season.

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