Development Project MaloRie lazer


6-9 months

In the photos above, I'm able to develop my gross motor skills. This begins in the photo on the top left. I can finally sit without support & hold my head up. I'm trying my hardest to crawl and move around. I can also see colors without contrast and make cooing noises like "ooh" and "ahh". On the bottom left, I can balance without support! I'll be developing fine motor skills soon and may even take a few steps. The photo on the right is me standing and balancing. I'm


1- 2 years old

In the first and second photo, I've began developing my teeth! I can sit AND stand without any help at all! I can understand my name and who mama and dada are. Mama says I'm also an excellent reader because I'm able to flip through pages of books now too! I like waving bye bye to people who tell me I'm cute in supermarkets imitating sounds in songs. Other sounds I like making are moo and meow and ribbit and a bunch of other animal noises. I like lifting my arms to make it easier for mommy to dress me name objects and pretend play. In the last picture, I can turn knobs and dress myself. I can kick things, like my brother and blocks, and potty train! My vision has completely developed, what a cool world!

Early Childhood


In the far right picture, I've just begun preschool. No, that's not a school friend but that's my cousin and we have an unbreakable bond! We play lots of things together! Like that time our mommy's told us, no popcorn down the basement but we did anyway and we tried to clean it up with our toy brooms and vacuum cleaner! We like to watch Barney together and tell our mommys when one of us biteded each other. In the middle picture I'm five and I've made a connection the bunny I'm holding. He's bun bun and for awhile I took him everywhere.... until he popped. In the picture on the left I'm 6 years old and I'm with my first and forever best friend. We like to play Polly pocket and watch Holly Hobby and have tea parties with our dolls.

Middle Childhood


I'm excelling in school work and have such good friends, as shown in the right. I'm right handed and better at reading than math. In the picture on the left in at a friend's birthday party with all the girls in the class. We have tons of inside jokes and have already made so many memories. My mom makes home cooked meals every night and packs me lunch everyday so I have a good diet. I'm not good at sports like other kids but I'm a good dancer and discovered a singing talent. When I was 10 I got my first period which means my body's developing. I also began wearing training bras in when I was 9.

Late Childhood


This is my middle school period. I'm able to actively participate in a 45 minute class and keep a stronger focus. I apply logical thinking to situations and begin to realize people have different opinions and thoughts. In my household, we always called it gravy but after a class debate, I realize that people are raised differently than I am. I'm not afraid to admit, I am a taaaaaaaaad moody. I begin to develop morals and a general sense of right from wrong. Like when the girls in class talked about this one girl different from us, I didn't think that was too right so I just stayed away for awhile. I go to school dances and hang out with my friends on the weekends. We're all allowed to go to penrose by ourselves now and hang out at Gianna's basement and watch movies. I tend to steer away from peer pressure, I've always been taught to be a leader not a follower. Although, in the classroom when Nicky tells me to "fall" on purpose I do it and I do anything to make my friends laugh cause I like making people laugh. There was one time I laughed at Jessica when she said a salt shaker would be used during an assault. That was sixth grade but when I got to seventh I just realized that people excel in different subjects and it's nothing to laugh at.



When I was 14, I was adjusting to a change in schools. I did this to get into a good hugh school. This was my own idea, not my parents, which was in my best judgement. I was using my cognitive skills to determine how I would create the best choice for my future. I was going through a different time, this is when boys stopped having cooties and I developed a clear sexuality. This was the beginning of my moral development. This was the year my mom taught me to do laundry and clean up after our dog and wash dishes. These were just some household chores expected of me, which I didn't mind doing. 14 is the odd stage of puberty because I'm getting over baby chub and a, going through an awkward makeup stage and still have my braces. It's like I'm basically a teenager but basically a kid-- UGH! When I'm 15 and a freshman in high school, I start getting asked to other schools homecomings and hops and freshman formals. I have a lot of fun high school experiences and create new friendships. I'm ready to further my learning and I don't pick up that easy but I still do try my best. Abstract concepts are starting to come to me and I begin to use my higher level of thinking in the classroom. When I'm 16, I make even more friends and start driving around with my older junior friends who have cars and uts totally awesome. I begin engaging in high risk behavior with my peers. It is high risk, but we stay safe, even though we all say "that'll never happen to me," we know it could! I'm 17 and I've developed a political stand point and have strong beliefs in certain things.I've developed my personality and know who I am as a person of good morals. I apply my high level of critical thinking to school works and everyday life. I use past knowledge through learning and school work on the daily. I've learned that I have moderate anxiety and I'm learning to cope with it everyday. I have the urge to stand out but also fit in. I do have some conflicts with my mother but not too many. I am my own person but I understand I don't have the dominance I want when it comes to rules like curfew. I've developed my friend group and have some of the most amazing people ever in my life. I have a boyfriend and some new friends and some friends I've been with since I was a child. I work on my flaws and try to perfect them although I know I always can't. I'm still learning and growing and creating new relationships everyday.

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