Derbys by cowboy

derby's are often found at fairs and speed ways and festival Demolition derbies originated in the United States and quickly spread to other Western nations.In Europe, this type of event is called banger racing.Although in a demolition derby, racers do not race against each other, instead aiming specifically to destroy the other cars. There are differt kinds of derby like bus and motor homes and there is more

Competitors have traditionally used full-size sedans, and station wagons, especially those from the 1960s , American made and 1970s,[1] which are larger, heavier, and had more robust frames than later full-size vehicles. The 1964-1966 Chrysler Imperial achieved near-legendary status for its crash worthiness, and is still banned from most derby ever .

Entering a car in a demolition derby involves more than just smashing out the windows and painting a number on the door. The main part of a derby car is Preparing the Driveline: Get your motor and tranny in tip-top shape Preparing the Body: Make your car stand up to the punishment

the best cars are Ford and Chrysler may have made some pretty solid cars in the past (in fact, most derbies have outlawed Chrysler Imperials because they're so tough), but their engines always let them down. For some reason, GM engines can take an incredible amount of heat and still keep running. .

Secondly, get the biggest car you can find. Cars from the 60s and early-70s are the biggest, heaviest, and strongest. More mass = more inertia = more damage to the other guy. Station wagons are very popular for their added size and strength in the rear, where you ideally try to do all your hitting.

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