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What We Do:

LeanCor Logistics, a division of LeanCor Supply Chain Group, is a third-party provider (3PL) of outsourced transportation management services with a dedication to relentless continuous improvement.

Whether it’s simply moving your product or managing your supply chain, we have a suite of solutions to advance your company’s performance and reduce cost. You can focus on your core competency while our Logistics Control Center, strategy managers, and next-level technology serve as a seamless extension of your operations. Your network will be planned, controlled, and improved at the right level to best serve your customers, and your data will be leveraged in new ways for profitable decision making.

When you choose LeanCor Logistics, you get a transparent, trusted partner. If you make it, order it, or ship it, our people, processes, and technology will ensure it’s fully visible as it arrives on time, in full, and at the right total cost.

Come see the action at our Logistics Control Center. After a complimentary road mapping session, we guarantee you'll start to think about transportation - and your supply chain - differently.

“I am refreshed that a service provider finally kept their promise of a truly seamless transition. My people are already pleased with how their jobs have become easier.” - Operations Planning and Logistics Director

3PL Solution Packages

Through the years, we've learned that every customer is at a different place on the maturity scale with managing their transportation. Some customers are lacking visibility or coverage in tight market conditions. Others have untapped efficiency in their network. Our model is directional - not formulaic - and allows us to relentlessly drive continuous improvement.

Our 3PL solutions can be delivered at three different levels of transportation management: BASIC, PLUS, and ADVANCED. As customers progress through this service model, we expand our visibility into your network and supply chain for planning, control, and improvement. We introduce more sophisticated processes and technology. Wherever your company may be, we have a solution to help you advance performance and reduce cost.


BASIC: Move your product to the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

Are you struggling with managing late carrier deliveries and high transportation costs? Moving product in today’s tightening market can be challenging for shippers – especially during peak seasons. Brokers can often leave you wondering what you’re really paying for. When you partner with LeanCor, we move your products to the right place, at the right time, and right cost. Our transportation team of experts takes a control tower approach to securing quality carriers, executing daily load tendering, and improving carrier performance. Our proprietary TMS suite gives you a new level of visibility and control over shipments. You can focus on your core business knowing you’re delivering exceptional customer service and lowering your costs.

LeanCor Proprietary TMS Suite


Move your freight and optimize your network with the right mode, right route, and right cost.

Tired of being on the defense with your logistics strategy? With LeanCor’s Plus solutions, you receive all the Basic benefits plus next-level control to make your network planned, level, predictable, and efficient. Shipping routes are designed to drive stability and reduce waste. Our transportation team, routing engineers, and optimization software incorporate several complex factors such as volume fluctuations and lead times to deliver your shipments with the right mode, on the right route, at the right cost. This customer-focused engineering solution optimizes your resources, minimizes cost, and maximizes customer service.


Optimize your supply chain with the right quantities, right quality, right frequency, and right total cost.

All supply chains have varying levels of complexity. To manage this complexity, lean supply chains begin and end with customer consumption. With LeanCor’s Advanced solutions, our strategy team and custom technology focus on your customer consumption and design a right-sized inventory strategy to support it. From there, we design your transportation network to control the right quantities, with the right quality, at the right frequency – all at the right total cost. You receive all the benefits from our Basic and Plus services, while your end-to-end supply chain is advanced to the next level of performance. This level of process discipline drives the profitability and competitive advantage required in today's world of constant disruption. *Advanced services can also include dedicated warehousing and distribution management. Learn More

SKU-Level Control for Advanced Customers: Inbound Logistics Process

Why We're Different: Core Principles

Results: Our customers receive tangible, measured results in transportation cost, total logistics cost, working capital, supplier performance, and optimized material and information flow.

Collaboration: Collaboration and mutual understanding are paramount to productive partnerships and realized goals.

Cost Transparency: LeanCor offers a performance-based pricing model without hidden fees. Our model focuses on realized results that are driven by customer-centric cost and service decisions.

Productivity: Focusing only on unit costs, or carrier rates, will only result in creating instability in the transportation network. Instead, we focus on productivity metrics such as trailer utilization, total miles ran, carrier continuous moves, and equipment waiting time.

Relentless Continuous Improvement (RCI): Every day, we measure system-wide metrics to generate actionable business intelligence. This helps us understand and act upon the financial and operational performance of your supply chain.

There's a better way to move your stuff.

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