Christkindlmarket Daley Center Plaza • 50 West Washington Street • Chicago, IL 60602

Christkindlmarket Chicago at Daley Center Plaza is open this season from November 15 to December 24.
It's all in the perspective of who is the small dot to see where we are.
This year, the food vendors at Christkindlmarket Chicago offered many food options from traditional meat to vegetarian to seafood to exotic.
A stein is your passport to good times at Oktoberfest and Christkindlmarket; many steins proudly display family crests or iconic scenes of Germany.
These nesting wooden dolls travel deep into European history.
The "half-goat, half-demon" Krampus recently reached American shores and become quite popular in cinema; but, Krampus has been around in Europe for centuries.
The famous and celebrated collectible "boot" mug is back, always with a new design and the current year to mark the event.
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