DTC #36: Backroom Rambler AN ANALOG GUIDE TO travelling musicians, BAR RATS and A poet of yesteryear.





Dine and on the spectrum at the locals go to post work date spot.

Sneak into the back of an old school shop for an intimate show.

Sip on beers while playing bar games surrounded by words of ultimate wisdom.

McCabe's Guitar Shop opened in 1958 and started playing shows in 1969. Throughout the years it has seen the likes of John Lee Hooker, R.E.M., Liz Phair and many many more.
Stop 1

Sample all the goods at a local gem

• 7pm til 8pm •

You almost miss the sign for The Upper West as you careen off the 10 freeway and swing around Pico. An unassuming façade that bursts with human energy as you pass its front door your first blessing is that you scored a reservation at prime time. Settle down at your table before diving into the menu which hits all the right spots. Chargrilled octopus, braised pork belly wraps, and the infamous, tuna crispy tacos scream out. And that’s just from the appetizers. The ability of the wait staff to match the quality of the dishes with the stealth and speed by which it enters your gullet is uncanny. After a few rounds of cocktails and making it through the gambit of apps it’ll mark the moment to really get that voice up and running.

Alternative: If you're more into grabbing a Mexican dish stop into Lares. Great vibes, usually live music and goblets of margaritas.

Stop 2

A classic show hidden in a classic joint

• 8pm til after the encore •

After a few blocks you step up to a scene out of an early rock doc as a plaid shirt wearing, long haired fella sitting on a stool asks for your tickets and tears them in half. McCabe’s Guitar Shop is just that and a lot, lot more. You wander through the small front room displaying guitars, photos of local legends and instruments you cant even name while chatting with the staff who are just as friendly as they are cool. When the lights flicker it will signal you to make your way down the hall to the venue. Secure a spot as close as you can to the front while the musicians take stage, tune up guitars and divulge stories in possibly the most intimate venue in LA. After the music mesmerizing fades with the final pluck of a note you’ll exit onto Pico Blvd. reborn much like scores of revelers before you.

Stop 3

Beer beneath one of the best

• post concert •

The flickering neon lights above the Blvd take turns illumining your destiny as you approach Barkowski. An ode to the late and great “laureate of American lowlife” the black and red interior dulls everything in sight except for the massive pictures of the man of the hour, Charles Bukoski. Grab a local beer from the friendly bartenders and take a sip before deciding on your approach in honoring the man: sit at the bar drinking yourself into the evening or join a game of bumper pool laughing with friends. Either way your night perfectly moves to completion with your modern approach to the classic tastes, sights and sounds of the city. That is until you have to buy the last round after losing the final game of shuffleboard.

Bonus: In true Bukowski form continue down Pico Blvd. to The Daily Pint for a whiskey, a game of pool and the weirdest shuffleboard table ever.


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