Everest Amazing feats by:heather vurraro

youngest female to climb mount everest

malavath poorna

The youngest female to climb mount Everest was named malavath poorna she was a thirteen year old indian tribal school girl. she climbed to the summit with her friends Shekhar Babu and Anand Kumar. anand kumar was a sixteen year old boy who comes from a poor family.they all reached the summit on may 28th 2014.

The first blind woman to climb mount everest

Cindy Abbott

The first blind woman to climb mount everest was a 51 year old woman named cindy Abbott.cindy Abbott consulted a trainer to help her prepare for her climb while in the process of training cindy Abbott lost sight in her left eye from a disease she had called Wegener's granulomatosis which caused the loss of sight in her eye even though she was blind in one eye she still wanted to reach the summit of mount Everest it took her more than two months she finally made it to the final camp 29,000 feet above sea level.

mount Everest

on the way up the mountain there is three camps you stop at base camp, middle camp and summit camp.You start at the base camp an organize all your gear and get ready for the climb up. one person stays at base camp and the rest of the people go up to middle camp and they stay there for a few days then one person stays there and the rest go up to the summit camp then after you stay at summit camp for a few days you finish you climb to the summit then you start your climb down.

camp, climbing up, standing at the top


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