Grow1Percent Change your life with small daily challenges that build character & inspire others through acts of kindness

By looking for beauty in all things you will find the beauty.
Every day we flow through life. It's ok to stop, take a break and look around to regain your focus.
Build your path. Don't expect others to build it for you.
Some people are so beat down that a simple act of kindness can change their day which could change their life.
If you can spread the joy to others is will come back to you in abundance. Flow with positivity.
Watch out for others. Don't turn the other way in their times of need.
Time with loved ones is much more valuable than a gift card or flowers.
Everyone is different. Don't force them to be what you want. Encourage their strengths to greatness.
Sometimes the path is uncertain. Trust yourself and move forward to your desires.
Be grateful for every moment. It's a gift.
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