Computer Applications By Molly Gero

Why I Took This Class

  • I took this class because it is very useful for when I go into the work force.
  • Also, it gave me skills that I can use in school, and for a lifetime.
  • Such as: how to create a resume, use Microsoft Office Suites, and much more.

What Was the Most Important?

I think that learning how to write a resume was one of the more important lessons, along with typing, and Microsoft Office. All lessons are very helpful in many ways, but these I feel like they are the most useful in the future.

How we Learned About These Things

  • We learned how to create a resume by doing job searches for our career choice and filling out a template of a resume and making a cover letter.
  • We learned about Microsoft Office through GCF

A video example of a gcf tutorial

Top Projects

  1. Recipe Project- For this project we had to research our favorite recipes and create a PowerPoint showing your favorite recipes and why. We used our PowerPoint knowledge to display the recipes in a organized fashion, in way that draws someones attention.
  2. Krispy Kreme Challenge project- Recreating an Excel Spreadsheet using the knowledge that we had from GCF lessons. It tested our deep thinking of Excel and taught us the Excel can be complicated.
  3. Cartoon Project- Making myself into a cartoon was extremely challenging, but fun at the same time. We watched a YouTube tutorial on how to make a photo of us into a cartoon drawing. We did this project on Google Drawing, we formed shapes over our face matching the colors of our skin, and ended up looking like a cartoon of myself.

I liked these projects in particular because they were challenging, yet fun to work on. They really tested my skills on the topics we were learning about at the time.

My top favorite projects.


Would I recommend this class?

Yes! I would give this class a 10/10!

I would recommend this course to my peers (I already have!) because it is helpful to anyone going into the job force in the future. It gives you helpful tools to make applying for a job ten times easier.

Would I take this class again?

Yes! This class was a great way to learn about what is nearing in the future for going into the work force after and before college. This class also was very relaxing and good way to get out of all the stressors of school, because there was no homework, or tests and quizzes.


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