Native American Problems Hallie steinmetz

Hi, I’m Wolf Skin, the chief’s son. This is going to be my tribe in the future so I wanted to write to you about how life is for us with the Americans. I also wanted to hear about your life with the French in Canada. I can’t wait for you to write me back Black Bull! I’m sending extra paper and a pen so you don’t have any problems.

This is my brother and I. Of course we were not happy because mom found a thingy that had like a time traveler to keep this memory of us in a white mans bag. Ugh!
There are so many problems with these white people. They are so mean and they always take everything from us. The spirit’s land they have taken away and destroyed. Dad always says that I guess they’ll see how that works out for them when karma comes back and bites them in the…. Then for some reason mom glares at him and he stops talking it’s kinda weird. Anyway, we were all fine with them until they showed up and acted like everything was theirs. I’m so hungry! We have only been able to eat berries and sometimes if we get lucky we can get some fish, but all the buffalo are gone.
Oh I forgot to tell you, one time the white men came and they tried to shoot my dad, but jokes on them they missed and we won the battle. Dad got this paper and pen from the white man’s pack, so it’s good that I get to talk to you. I can’t wait until I can fight with all the other men. When the whites came they were supposed to be nice and just talk to dad, but I guess dad is right. The karma will come back to bite them I guess.

I am so tired of how many times we have to move! Dad always makes us just because those stupid white people are always coming. Can’t someone just make them stop? I think that we need to have a talk with them. I would say that we should be able to come into town and have the ability to do stuff. What’s that called again? Ummmm oh yeah, Citizenship. My tribe would like to become Americans, but not like the way they tried to make us forget about our culture. I don’t like that. How about if we raise our standard of living by being able to go into the towns and helping people. It would be a good thing to do. This means that we can still live on the spirit’s land, but also go where we want. If we have to give up some land because of something, probably like good trade hides. Those are really valuable. No big deal. We can help them out if they help us out.

This is how the White man lives

My dad was telling me about years ago the white’s tried to resolve everything by using techniques that didn’t completely work out for us. Something called Reservations were tried. This made us mad because we had to go to a certain place and stay there. They think we own the land, but they don’t know anything. Obviously we can’t own it because it’s the spirit’s land. I don’t understand the White’s sometimes. We try to get them to understand that it doesn’t work that way but I guess karma will just bite them again like dad says. Anyway, the whites wanted us to go and live in America and be with the White’s. Seems okay right? We get to be citizens and get to be around the others and get to use everything they can and stuff, but the catch was that we had to forget about all of our beliefs and be exactly like them. It was so stupid. Let me ask my dad what that was called. Okay, I’m back. He said the white man calls it the Dawes Act, but we call it the ruiner of all things.

They also tried to come take the spirit’s land when we were living there. They shot this thing that my dad said was gonna hurt me so he had to take care of them. Remember that’s when they said they were just gonna talk. So they didn’t follow through with what they say. We had to show them that we were ready to take them down. Oh the funniest thing by far is that they told us we had to stay in one spot even though we like to move around on our own terms because the whites needed it or they didn’t want the other tribes to come make battles. Haha! We like to talk to other people too. Just like I’m talking to you. As long as we don’t try to hurt each other it’s okay. Dang the whites don’t know a thing.

The whites started all the violence in the first place!

Okay so if the Americans would listen to me, my solutions could solve everything and make everyone happy. First thing is first my spirit’s land may have valuable stuff underneath it, but the point is that it’s not our land to mess with. If you can check the land without destroying it we will move for you to get the valued thing if it happens to be there, but there is a catch. We get to have at least 6 months on a piece of land that we decide on before you can come and force us to leave. It works best for us so we don’t have to continuously move nor do we disrespect our spirit’s land and we can move freely. For the Americans it is best because they don’t have to waste any weapons or property on us. They can leave us alone to be safe on the land. This is basically the same with people moving onto the sacred land. Once we move they can have what they want and we will say out of your country, or we can become a part of America and have freedom against the American government. They can continue to make money as we continue to practice our beliefs.

As long as you provide enough land for the Native Tribes we can all live in peace. I will be the next chief and I must be able to make these decisions regarding my people.
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Hallie Steinmetz


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