Florida Museum of Natural History Sunday January 29

Nature On Display
This underwater exhibit does a great job in immersing a person in nature. This exhibit is designed to make a person feel like he/she is under the sea. The fish, the seaweed, and coral reefs are all made to a larger scale so you feel equal to all the sea life. The blue lighting and accompanying background music all contributed to make this a meaningful experience. The exhibit highlighted interconnectedness amongst marine life and the feeling of being under the sea helped demonstrate this.
Nature And Ethics
As I moved throughout the various exhibits, I often thought to myself about the animals and their spirit. The butterfly exhibit was a very important demonstration of respect for nature. Before entering the butterfly rainforest exhibit, you are given specific rules to make sure you don't accidentally harm the butterflies and also to not touch the butterflies, even though they may land on you. In other words, this exhibit is ensuring respect for these butterflies and instills the feeling of love and respect as described by Leopold. Throughout the museum, there are many illustrations and models of nature, which gave the sense of respect for nature as it is unconquerable and rather something to learn from.
Nature And The Human Spirit
The display of a re-created midden put me in awe of nature and its ways of preservation. This illustrates how all the parts of the universe are interconnected. The land that we live and grow on holds stories of the past and preserves parts of the world's history. This display and many other exhibits illustrate the far-reaching influence nature has on every part of the world. Nature is such an integral part of the human experience. Nature is ever changing and ever present and it must be seen for its ethereal being. The natural world is a mystery that needs to be further discovered and examined as it can only bring more knowledge and understanding of the universe.

All photos were taken on my phone either myself or by Maria Vernava (classmate).

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