The Mausoleum of Augustus By Alexander and Zachary

The Mausoleum of Augustus was built in Rome in 28 BC, and was commissioned by Emperor Augustus himself

A close up view of the Mausoleum of Augustus

It was built to create a monument to the Julian family, as he had ashes of other family members entombed with him. The Emperor's successors were also buried in the mausoleum. It stood in the northern part of the Campus Martius.

An Artist Rendition of what the Mausoleum of Augustus looked in its prime.

Latin Time!

Augustus sepulchrum aedificavit; Sepulchrum ab Augustus aedificavitur

The Mausoleum of Augustus was used as a fortress in the middle ages, a garden for the Soderini clan, a bull-fighting arena in the 18th century, and a concert hall in the early 20th century.

An outward view of the Mausoleum of Augustus

It continues to be the biggest tomb in Rome, and was one of the first of many large building projects undertaken in Augustus' reign. It is currently going under restoration for 6.4 million dollars.


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