Grand Canyon Spring Break 2018

Day 1--April 8, 2018

Typical Day 1 with all the traditional stops. First order of business is breakfast at Starbucks on our way to the 78. Followed by the not so much fun trip along the 15 through Orange and Riverside county. The good news is In & Out Burger is only a couple of hours away…our 2nd traditional lunch stop.

With all the important stuff out of the way…next stop is Needles, our first night.

Day 2--April 9,2018

Grand Canyon is only a few hours away. Fuel up and hit the road. Piece of cake, right? Wrong! For the second time in as many trips, we discover the tread on one of our Airstream tires is separating. I should have followed my rule-of-thumb that when one tire in the set goes…replace them all.

Lesson learned. So, this time we replaced all the remaining old tires with new. Shifted the tire we replaced in October to be the spare. Good news is in less than an hour we were headed to the Grand Canyon.
We got all checked in and camp set up. Off we went to the Visitor’s Center to plan out our options for the next couple of days and to give the kids their first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. To say they were impressed would be an understatement.
There is plenty to marvel at!!

Just as cool as the view...close encounters with the locals was a big first day surprise.

No surprise seeing elk...but a wild boar? Yep!

Day 3--April 10, 2018

Our first morning waking up in the park was full of surprises. a few of the local residents picked our campsite for breakfast.

A large part of the morning was spent listening to a Ranger talk on Fossils. Given where and what kind of fossils are found in any given area depends entirely on the historic geological events that have been a force on our land for 4 billion years. Connor's explanation to the group of tectonic plate and geo-thermal activity and its impact on the land was amazing.

The group spent quite a bit of time along the Rim trail looking for fossils.

Cool sunglasses help when you're looking for million year old critters

Typical evening chilling out in the Aristream

Go Fish!!

Day 4--April 11, 2018

This gal was part of a herd of five looking for breakfast

For our last full day in the park we decided to head to Desert View Watchtower

Heading back to camp...stops for photo ops were made at Navajo Point, Lipan Point, Moran Point and Grandview Point

Day 5--April 12, 2018

Day 5 started out where Day 4 left off...Windy! So, we made the decision to pass on spending the night in Needles where the forecast was for 40 MPH winds and 100 degrees.

The long drive home took its toll on our road warriors

So long from the Grand Canyon. We'll be back!

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