Jango By:laken Corliss

“Laken come down here, Grandma Debby’s here.” My mom said. “But she’s just checking on the chickens!” I said. “Actually we have a surprise for you.”

I was in my pajamas and I was a little angry because I did not want to stop watching television, but that definitely didn’t stop me from rolling off the couch, and struggling to crawl out of my blanket. I walk very slowly tip-toeing down the stairs because I had no idea what this surprise was so I had to be careful. I saw my mom sitting on the couch smiling, while Grandma Debby was bending down next to a cage sticking her fingers through the big squares in the metal bars.

I couldn’t see what was in the cage but I walked down a couple more steps I soon saw snow white, and extremely fluffy fur sticking out of the holes and I than knew it was our new cat, I was trying to hold back tears my grandma put him in my lap. Tears started flowing out of my eyes, they were like two tiny water falls. I couldn’t help but cry because he reminded me of my old cat named Marshmallow.

This is a real picture of my cat Jango!

Later my brothers and I couldn’t stop playing with him, we were playing with his toy that our grandma brought with him. We watched movies with him, and we played with his ball. While we were playing with his ball, we soon found out that he could play fetch!! He was very playful and he really liked us.

In conclusion, he brought a tear to my eye, and played with me lots after he got settled in. I don’t think we could have asked for a better cat than my cat Jango.

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