Nature Survey Does age make you less likely to go outside?


There was 1 eighth grader and 8 seventh graders. Only
2 students were 12, 6 were 13, and there was a 14 year old.
Do you like to go outside?


Blue = yes Red = no Yellow = sometimes

One seventh grader said sometimes, one eighth grader said yes, a seventh grader said no, and the other seventh graders responded with yes.


I chose nature because I personally enjoy the outdoors. The reason for doing this survey was to see if other people were like me. Another reason for doing this survey was to see if most of the students that took the survey are completely connected to their electronics. I expected the results to be that more people would be on electronics all of the time. The results showed that most of the seventh graders and the one eighth grader loved the outdoors!

How often are you on electronics?

8 out of 9 students responded with always or sometimes. This usually prevents teens from going outside.

Later on I would like to sample other to get a bigger response to see how other people feel about nature.

Age does affect how much kids and teens go outside. The older you get the less likely you are to go outside.

Created By
Aubrey Clements


Created with images by Eyad Elbayoumi - "Nature" • .Elisa. - "nature" • werner22brigitte - "forest sunbeams trees" • tpsdave - "bear cub tree" • jevx - "Yellowstone" • Andreas Øverland - "Lightning Reflexes [Explored]"

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