Photosynthesis and cellular respiration By Kaiden Baker

Photosynthesis is a process that affects us and we affect it.

In this picture it shows how we breathe in the oxygen that is released from plants but we breathe out carbon dioxide which plants use to make oxygen. Carbon dioxide can poison the human body.
The sunlight is a huge part of photosynthesis. Sunlight makes the oxygen and carbon dioxide react. The sunlight transfers energy through the leafs of the plant. It is then used to start the reaction of photosynthesis.
Chlorophyll is small green pieces that are used to change water to sugars. These little pieces are a huge part in photosynthesis and are the way the food is converted into the sugars.
This picture shows how the water in the soil will be soaked up by the plants roots. If water does not get to the plant, it's stomata will close up and won't be able to get carbon dioxide. This will screw up the whole photosynthesis process.
Chloroplasts are parts of cells that turn sunlight into sugars and energy. These little cell pieces in plants are used to food the plant through photosynthesis. The cells give energy and sugars to the plant so it can survive.
This picture shows how animals and humans realease carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide also is used for plants to make oxygen. People and plants use eachother to survive which is also called a mutualism.


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