Expressing Love through the Lens of Feminist Artist Marina Abromavic

Artists have throughout time employed a variety of media (materials to create works of art-painting, sculpture, photograph, etc) to express love in romantic relationships.

Gustav Klimit in "The Kiss" (1907/1908) fuses two figures into one, using a pattern of rectangles and colored and gold swirls, to visually express deep and emotional love.

Through their interlocking arms and intense gaze, Italian sculptor Canova illustrates this private moment of desire when Cupid swoops down to his sleeping love Psyche. ("Cupid and Psyche" 1796)

Contemporary and Performance Artist Marina Abramovic uses time, space and her body to document her relationship with artist and partner Ulay.

Before we experience Abramovic's work, let's learn more about what Performance Art is!

Watch the video below and think about the ways Abramovic engages you, the audience member, through this medium to express and explore love in her personal relationship.

Created By
Bernadine Franco


Created with images by Sam Beebe, Ecotrust - "Marina Abramovic, Artist Portrait with a Candle" • Blowing Puffer Fish - "台中 / Taichung - 亞洲現代美術館" • Michela Simoncini - "Amore e Psiche"

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