App Journal Paul Villarreal

Lesson 1

Almost everybody uses smartphones nowadays, and most of them download apps apart from those that are already in the phone when you buy it. Most of these apps are related to social media, but there are a lot of different types of apps, like games, fitness apps, to call for services, like "Uber" or "Sin Delantal", and a lot more.

Here is a list of the apps that I use the most: WhatsApp; this app is made to message other people in your contact list. Facebook; this app is mainly to post photos, videos, or thoughts, it also has messaging, but since WhatsApp, people don't use it a lot anymore. Instagram; the main use of this app is to post photos and videos. Snapchat; this app is also to send photos and short videos, but they can only be seen for 10 seconds or less, or maybe a day if you post it in your "Story", so this app is mainly to share what was your day like. 9GAG, this app is used so people can post and see funny posts, they can be pictures, memes, gifs, videos, etc., I use this app mainly when I'm bored, so I can laugh a little.

Lesson 2: Brainstorm

Some ideas for new apps I can think about are: App for private photos, an app that recognizes photos of famous people, so you know the name of the actor, athlete or musicians, an app for ideas when you are bored, you can write them or check other people's ideas.

Lesson 3

The audience I want to focus on are from teenagers to adults, from the ages from 14 and beyond.

Lesson 4

The apps aren't difficult to use, they are practically all the same, you add/follow people and you see things they post or share and in all of them you can message with people you follow. The only app that is different from these, is 9GAG, in here people post funny pictures, videos or gifs, but you don't need to follow them, everyone can see all the posts, and the ones that are more popular, get to the "hot page", that is the main page, where the posts with more likes get.

Lesson 5

I stand out to the ideas of private photos, and recognizing faces of famous people. The first one solves the problem that you like a picture, but you don't want anyone to see it if they take your phone, so you can see it, entering with a password or something. The second one solves the problem when you see a famous person, but you don't know his name, this can help you to quickly know the name.

Lesson 6

My app will help people to get food to their houses or wherever they're at, from any restaurant, and they will also know how far are the delivery guys from their houses. This needs to exist because there are some restaurants that don't have home delivery service, there's a similar app like ours, "UberEATS", but this app has it's own menu, sometimes you can't order what you want.

Lesson 7

The features we'll use are: GPS, for the user to know where the delivery guy is, and the driver to know where is the place at. Accelerometer: So the user can know when the driver is moving. Touchscreen: So the user can text the driver where to go and what to order.

Lesson 8

Maybe we could use the camera, so the user can take a photo of his house so the driver doesn't get lost if the house if kind of "hidden". Phone: So if they don't want to text, they can talk via phone.

Lesson 9

I found 3 apps that are related: UberEATS, SinDelantal and Mercadoni. UberEATS is practically the same, but they have their own menu, there are some things you can't order. SinDelantal is almost equal, but they can't go to some restaurants, and they don't use GPS. Mercadoni is the same as SinDelantal, but this one is just for things in the market, like fruit, cereals, etc. the home basics.

Lesson 10

It would be really simple, focusing on the function of the app more than on the design. Also make it really clear, know where everything is in terms of function, like the buttons, and all that stuff. Empty spaces will have a design related to the app.

Lesson 11

An app that has an appealing icon is Instagram, it uses colors that attract people into know what is the app. 9GAG is an app that gets you right into action, yo enter and you already are in the main page, if you want to login or something like that, you look for it, but if you just want to see the posts, you enter and you're already there. 9GAG also provides good on boarding experience, because everything is well organized, you can find what you're looking for very quick and easily.

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