Tattoos on The Heart Book Project By: Eli Carbullido

Pre-face andIntroduction

The preface and introduction explain the story of Homeboy industries. How Fr. Greg Boyle helped those Gangs in need. It is just introduction to what would happen in the book. The fact that Fr. Greg helped all thos people is inspirational. This book was very good.

1. Chapter 2: Dis-Grace

This Chapter is named Dis-Grace which means to me that it goes against God's Grace. We try to be the best we can be but sometimes we feel that we are a disgrace even though we are not. My favorite story was of Lefty because he had the guts to stand up to his abusive dad to stand up for his mom. Even though he could have gotten beat. This shows the meaning of Dis-Grace. Lefty felt he was a Dis-Grace. He did the right thing though and he will be forgiven.

Chapter Four: Water, Oil, and Flame.

All these are symbols of Sacraments in the church. We should remember that they all help us and we should recognize that. The story of Miguel was awesome because it shows how someone's life can change. It was a story of hope and was very inspirational. I learned that everyone has a chance of hope on their lives.

Chapter 8: Success

Success is defined by what we do for others rather than how much money we make or how famous we become. Success becomes achievable when we help others. My favorite story of this chapter is the story of Raul. Raul story was very sad but inspirational. This chapter showed me how success is more than money or fame.

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