Solar System Pop -Art SCULPTURE

I choose Richard Linder to base my pop art project. As Mr. Linder did with shapes, I will be using the phases of the moon. I will use the Earth as a cover page.

Today I drew the Earth and colored the picture with both water color paint and water color pencil. As learned that when you use water colors the paper wrinkle and feel weird. It will also get everywhere. I will not do water colors for the phases of the moon as to I want to moon to have all of its shape and looks.

I drew the stars today I painted them yellow but not in the shape of the "stars" that we know. Since Stars do not have definite shape. I wanted it to look like it was in space so I painted the Northern Lights. I wanted make the project look good and presentable.

The last thing I did was add the board to the paper. This made me realize that I should have draw the the Earth bigger.

Created By
erin warren


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "GOES Full Disk Shows First Day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere"

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