Good Life Tour of Harn Elizabeth valdes

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Rain of the Bulls {Francisco Goya}

This piece of artwork immediately caught my attention. I do not think it would have appealed to me as much, had I not seen the art in person. The medium used was not a canvas and the art was not framed like most in the museum. The painting was done on a large open book. A painting of a collections of bulls in a circle, as if it were from an actual novel. I also found it interesting how the book was opened at a 90 degree angle. This communicated to me that the artist had a special connection to the bulls he painted. The piece made me feel very happy because, being that it was done by a Hispanic artist, it made me feel proud to be Cuban. There is also something very comforting about the animals used. Having grown up on a ranch, the cows gave me a tranquil, almost homey feeling as I admired the piece.

Design of the Museum

Women Artist Wing

I thoroughly enjoyed traveling through the wing of the museum dedicated to women artist. Being a woman studying in the male dominated field of engineering, I know that it is difficult to get your point across. Many times, I get overlooked because my opinion does not seem valid enough. For these reasons, I enjoyed viewing artwork done by women who, like me, have ideas that they want to convey. This wing was also very open with bright lights. This gave me a sense of honestly, almost as though the pieces had nothing to hide. The openness of the wing definitely added to the artwork I saw there. My favorite art from this section was the one photographed above of the woman with the gorilla mask. It reads "Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?". I feel that this is very relatable because many times I feel that I am judged by my appearance, especially by the clothing that I wear because I am a woman.

Art and Core Values

This artwork in the Harn appeals to one of my main core values. That value is to appreciate nature. I feel that there is so much that we, as humans, need to learn from nature. Tranquility, harmony, and balance are all key environmental characteristics that often get overlooked in our everyday, urbanized lives. This artwork is so simple. I love how two chairs are placed in front of the glass, giving viewers a chance to carefully look at the exhibit so that they do not miss anything. There are many little details, from the plants to the rocks, to the stone woman in the center. To me, this art conveys the message that we put ourselves in the center of our own worlds. People tend to be selfish. Nature is never selfish and this piece encourages it's audience to follow in Nature's footsteps.

Art and the Good Life

When I think of Buddha, I think of the Good Life. Buddha is the ultimate example of somebody who has reached enlightenment. The sculpture of Buddha depicts the theme of inner peace. In order to achieve the good life, I feel that you need to have this inner peace. You need to accept what is happening in your life, both good and bad. Once you have come to peace with something negative, you can then start to work on improvement. Inner peace also means accepting and loving yourself first. If you are not happy with who you are then you will not be happy with the life that you live and I think that Buddha conveys all these messages.

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