Tale of St Piran.

A Tale of St Piran

by John Harry.

Wot ever are ‘ee doin’ of! Out ‘ere in awl this weather!

‘T edden’ very often I do see you two together!

‘T’ez cumin’ om sum straim o’ rain, good job when ‘tiz summer!

‘Ere! ‘ark to me! I s’pose you’ve ‘eeard awl ‘bout that theare Incomer!

I s’pose ‘ee’s like the rest of thum from awver ‘cross the Bay,

Cum awver ‘ere from Irelant ‘p’on a millstone, so they say!

Guss on! They must think we’re sum plum to b’lieve in such a tale!

Wawn s’posed t’ave floated ‘pon a leaf, landed awver ‘ayle!

Sum funny things aare ‘eppenin’ now, of that I’ave no doubt!

So ‘way I stank’t outlong the lane, I thot I wud find out;

I gawt down by the rever, this Incomer ‘ee was theare,

‘Ollen like a thatcher, flinken’ watter everywheare!

“Good souls, sure I’m called Piran! Bejabez and begorrah!

Be babtized! You’ll be after bein’ like new ones tomorra!

Seems ‘ee was a praicher-man from awver Irelant way,

They deddn’ like ‘ee’s praichen’ mooch, so they ‘aived’n in the say!

Tied’n to a millstone, ‘open’ that ‘ee wud be drownded;

Sumfen called Faith kept’n afloat, ‘ee soon was safely grounded;

‘Ee lit a fire, the rocks gawt ‘ot, out flawed this stuff called Tin;

‘Ee made a saucepan out of et, to fit ‘ee’s dennar in!

See, this ‘ere Faith provided’n weth everything ‘ee needed;

I wish I ‘ad a Faith like that, ‘ee’s words are to be heeded!

“Come hither! Wash your sins away!” I sed “ang on, old dear!

Darn’ee I ‘aven’ washed ma’ feet for nigh on thirty year!”

Well, after awl that randigal I’m sure you wud agree

That Piran is a holy man, and we shud hark to ‘ee!

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