An Introduction to Teaching with Technology Heather Noel Turner | PhD Candidate, WRAC |


  1. Where do I start?
  2. How do I set things up?
  3. What do I do in the classroom?

Where do I start?

  • Use your learning outcomes as a recurring touch-point
  • Identify your pedagogical goals/constraints
  • Identify your students' access/learning styles

How do i set things up?

  • Your goals/constraints and your students' access/learning styles drive your technology choices
  • Choose a pedagogical focus area: content delivery, communication, or classroom engagement
  • Plug in (with supportive communities) #digped #edchat #edtech

What do I do in the classroom: engaging w/technology

Before you use any technology in the classroom for an activity make sure you clearly explain 1) the activity (purpose, steps, deliverable, time constraints) to students and 2) how to use the technology (where to find it, how to get started, etc)

Using Google Docs as a collaborative space to facilitate discussion

Asking students to individually answer discussion questions on one shared google doc allows them time to reflect, while still maintaining an interactive environment

Use tools like poll everywhere to ask students questions with short, multiple choice options during class. Let the tool aggregate the responses for you, and use the responses like this word cloud to launch class discussion about assumptions/patterns/absences

Do biweekly/monthly anonymous check-ins with students (I use a google form) about what activities they find most helpful, and suggestions for future classes--then modify your classes accordingly

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