Life in Iraq By Jaselle Shewmake

Iraq is a very well known country. It is in the Northern and Eastern hemisphere, and it is located in Asia.

The black part is Iraq.

Multiple things border Iraq, but some of the most famous include, The Caribbean Sea, The Tigris-Euphrates Valley, The Dead Sea, and The Anatolian Plateau.

The Carribean, Tigris Euphrates, Dead Sea, and Anatolian Plateau.

The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. The coordinates of Baghdad are 33.3128°N , 44.3615°E.

Things to do in Baghdad

Visit the Baghdad Zoo

Go to the Baghdadi museum

Go see the Al-Shaheed Monument

In Iraq the major physical features include, mountains, gulfs, inland seas, (salt and fresh water) deserts and plains.

Iraq is located in the temperate zone. The lines of latitude and longitude are 33°N and 44°E.

These are the types of zones and there locations.

The total population of Iraq is 38,468,218. The fertility rate is 3.41 children per women. In the whole world Iraq is ranked 36. The population density is 80.15. Iraq is not crowded at all. The growth rate is 2.5% and that is a fast growing rate.

The top five largest cities are, Baghdad with a population of 7,216,000, Basra with 2,600,00, Mosul is 1,739,000, Erbil with 923,800, and lastly Abu with 900,000 people. The net migration rate is surprisingly zero.

The country is 68% urban and 32% rural.

Iraq is still developing. In Iraq not everyone has a job, or a home. The government says they need to make upgrades to there oil, but there are problems with the government too. Iraq's government needs to pass major policy reforms. Iraq really needs to improve there security, being at war all the time. They also need to improve there foreign investment and help spur economic activity. They also need to improve physical health big time. One of the major reasons is just overall standard living.

The main languages in Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish. Iraq mostly has Arab people and most Arabs are Muslim.

The Iraqi flag is important, it has three colored, horizontal parts, starting with red on the top, white, and black. On the white part there are three green stars. During the Persian Gulf War in 1991, the phrase Allahu Akbar (God is great) was put on the flag. The flag also shows Iraq faith in Allah and Arab.

One of Iraq' most famous foods are the kebab. The kebab is basically grilled meat on a stick. The most popular meat is lamb and beef but you can also use fish and chicken. Sometimes they even put vegetables on it.

Another famous food is the qeema. It's minced meat served in tomato and chickpea stew and is served with rice. Most of the time it's prepared at the annual Ashura Commemorations.

Iraq's sports are the exact same as ours except our "football" is there soccer.

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