Taylor Lee Bittner Architectural Animation

Hello! My name is Taylor and I am currently a senior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio studying architecture and interactive media studies.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for drawing, story-boarding and creating new environments for the numerous characters that appear within my head.

This passion stems from my undying love for fictional realms created within books, animes, video games, and mangas.

These characters help me to celebrate the creative mind I have adapted over the years and showcase my own story within the world they roam.

Not only have these characters shaped me into who I am today, but so has my college career. Architecture and animation have combined together to help me discover what I am to become in my career - an architectural animator.

Hueston Woods

Fall 2015

This project was designed around a nature reserve and national park dedicated to camping, fishing, lake access and hiking located in Oxford, Ohio. The Nature Center was a project done to develop a new research, museum and learning center for anyone who comes to visit the area.

The Next Door

Fall 2016

Dubbed as the 'Structural Alcove', this project was a proposal for the new side branch of The Next Door. It is located atop the Credit LifeWay Union building that borders the corner of Broadway and 10th Avenue in Nashville, TN.

Steampunk Modular Kit

Spring 2017

The Modular Kit is a series of models created in Maya, UV Unwrapped, and then transferred into Substance Painter.

Edward Elric

Spring 2016

Done in ZBrush, this sculpt was done based on a character from the anime/manga Fullmetal Alchemist.

Crazy Hand

Spring 2016

This ZBrush model was based on the wildly known character, Crazy Hand from Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo).

Clifton Library

Spring 2015

Found in the Clifton area of Cincinnati, Ohio, this library was developed with the intent to grow the current public library into a destination for children to college students.

Dream Kitchen

Spring 2015

Requested to design my future dream kitchen in AutoCAD and then place it within Sketch-Up to render it within Visualizer. The kitchen was to have a country|rustic feel to it with the large layout and the material choices.

Thank you!

bittnetl@miamioh.edu | 513-708-8492

For more information or portfolio works please check out the following links!

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