London Air Ambulance Take home messages for gb boxing

Bandwidth - ability to process and manage information and environment . The need to free up bandwidth and keep it simple. Mindful that others may not be able to see their bandwidth limits and the effect this can have (hearing, decision making, judgement and vision)
Post take off with poor visibility - the wings are not level Captain, says the first officer. My instruments indicate the wings are level, says the Captain. No reply! Korean culture you accept the message and do not question seniority. The aircraft was actually in a right turn and heading towards the ground. All people died as a result! Speak truth to power! It you see it say it! System and process to reduce human error.
Task Fixation - mindful of the big picture and what truly matters and what will make the difference. You can get so focused on an area and be unaware of time and miss what is around you. Partnership work (eyes in and eyes out)
Know where your kit is and keep it simple. Take what you need. Clear markings. Peer Checking (please read this to me!)
Swiss Cheese Concept - don't Judge, retrace the steps taken and start at the beginning. Ask what actually happened. What can we learn from this experience for the future.
Checklist and SOPs
The pregnant / non-pregnant women. Clear lines of communication.
The importance to reflect as individuals, the deployed team, the wider team and the professional community.
Just Culture - open honesty and the ability to share and reflect on mistakes. A learning culture and the drive to become better.


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