Canada's history Battlers,healers and traders

The war of 1812 that ended in 1815 was a war that America thought when the British and the French were at war they had trading restrictions with Canada at the time.
The Americans were getting to close to Canada's boarder while the French and the British were at war than America pounced which lead in Canada attacking back.
Hôtel dieu de Montréal it was made in 1642 it was the first hospital in Canada it was in New France.
Jeanne mance was the first nurse in New France and she founded the hospital on October 8 1645.
Furs were a big thing back 400 to 200 years ago some of the furs traded were otter,mink,marten,and fox. As well as the famous bevear fur.
The fur was used in European for coats and hats. The natives would trade the furs for European tools,liquor and pots. The furs costed a lot back then only people who had money could buy the fur items.


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