Think Humanity Girls Hostel IN Uganda

-Started in January of 2012 with women from four different countries.

-Ages from 12 to 15 years old.

Mission Statement - Create sustainable educational development opportunities for the girls in the developing world to break the cycle of poverty.

Girls came from Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo Sudan and from different parts of Uganda.

Why girls drop out of school and end up that the Think Humanity Hostel? - Forced child marriages, sexual abuse, lack of a sanitary environment and daily necessities

Why did this start and what are the benefits to having this program? - (1) If girls are kept in school past grade seven, they are more likely to marry four years later. (2) The chances of dying in child birth decrease. (3) They are more likely to have fewer children and those children will be healthier.

Educating women can change the economic make up of Africa. The dynamic of a household and community can change. The education will also help change the trend of poverty and help prevent the major diseases in Africa. The education of these women changes not only her future but the future of her children.

Could this spread or help other countries? This could be implemented in countries like Afghanistan. The average women in Afghanistan for a women is 45. The war holds the women back from learning and most are illiterate. Average age of marriage is under 16 and many women die in childbirth. With the help of these educational hostels that 'Think Humanity" created, would greatly help decrease the number of women's death in Afghanistan. Also it would help women's future improve and improve the future of their children.

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